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ADM7-p10previewI know faithful readers have noticed a lot of chaos at this site over the past month. It was created largely due to my own error; I was trying to relocate to a new webhost, had some glitches on the old site that would not allow themselves to easily be repaired, and I was working long, long hours at an unfulfilling job. Lesson to be learned: never move a site when you’re exhausted and impatient, and to quote the guru ComicPress programmer Frumph, “Never program when you’re mad at the world. It causes issues with your backward compatibility.”

Wrapping the final details on the new House of the Muses site! I finally have the programming down; it’s a new format in the clean new Easel theme. Programming it was a bitch. It will take me a couple of weeks to get everything back up, but this new site works and looks better than ever, so I am happy with it. I will be starting Untold Stories here, too.
There is a glitch in WordPress that prevents me from making a directory like houseofthemuses.com/adeviantmind and it instead wants to do adeviantmind.com. The subdoman vs. subdirectory issue vexes me, so I will wait for the WordPress update so I can do the domain the way I want it. I am sure that what I just said was gibberish to you, so I will move on. In the meantime, if you’re desperate for further adventures of House of the Muses and A Deviant Mind, they have been continuing unhindered at DrunkDuck.com, so drop by there and leave me comments.

I’d considered taking this time to redo House of the Muses #1. I decided I don’t have the strength. I’ll just focus on projects to come, and sell the hell out of what we’ve already built.

houseofmuses-untold1 And we’ve got some real goodies in store. This summer heralds the return of the House of the Muses series with Untold Stories, detailing all your favorite characters in each and every issue. This promises to be a great looking series. My artwork has come a long way since my reckless run with House of the Muses #1, when I built my story and my confidence with a brand new program I had never used, and the result was a 52 page comic in a little over two and a half months. It was the fire of seeing it come to life that helped me to do that, not to mention the cheap amateur light sets: I have never been able to equal that kind of output since.
Joining me on this series will be my best friend Janice Lawrence, who was there from 1987 when this series was just a notebook full of scribbles. She’ll be taking the reins on a number of issues, and I’ll be back to trying to outdo myself.

I’ll be putting the ads back up tomorrow, along with all the other cool promotional widgets I now have access to. I’ll have to post a bulletin to subscribers on this site that they will have to email me to register. I opened registration and already netted two spammers with weird email addresses. THOSE OF YOU WHO ALREADY SUBSCRIBE THROUGH MAILCHIMP: I will implore you all who wish to remain subscribed to contact me through the subscribe list. Many have likely fallen asleep while this series was on hiatus, and if you no longer wish to receive these emails, all you have to do is nothing. I’ll be purging the list next week, so go to the SUBSCRIBE button at the menu, top, and join. It’s volunteer only, and once the Members Only site goes live, paid members (for a one-time, $10 lifetime membership)  have access to exclusives that no one else gets to see, as well as some long-awaited updates on that unfinished issue…House of the Muses 10!
So bear with me during this rebuild process, because there is more, much more, to come!  –Pam Harrison


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