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My Credentials:

With 9 issues of House of the Muses and 9 issues of A Deviant Mind in print, and the 10th issues of each book nearing completion, since 2007 you could say I’ve done extensive work in digital pre-press and ebook design, and along with that I have worked in print, publishing and pre-press for almost 20 years. House of the Muses appeared at and Amazon Kindle in late 2007, and the Prism Comics Press Grant in 2008 enabled me to set up my series through Lightning Source via Ingram Book, and House of the Muses is now available in paperback, print on demand, around the world: Canada Amazon FranceAmazon.deAmazon Japan (India)

With the establishment of Sword and Labrys Productions online in 2011, I took some other artists under my wing, and as Owner/Executive Art Director of this company it is my pleasure to oversee the pre-press and establishment of a number of new titles, and am making these books available to readers in both ebook and print format.

I was recently very pleased to hear that the availability of my books on IndyPlanet netted me a large number of comic book sales in Poland. “They love ya in Poland, girlie,” Jenni Gregory of Ka-Blam Digital Printing told me after they had processed the sale. “Just sayin’!”


Besides my personal experience producing two successful comic and graphic novel series, House of the Muses and A Deviant Mind, here are some past clients I have helped enter the digital print on demand realm, and how they are doing thus far.

The Villain Next Door #1

Written and Illustrated by Roy Duncan

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Villain Next Door #1: The Ice Cream Man Cometh: Out on parole, in protective custody under the watchful eye of the EHC (Enhanced Human Control) Dr. Argon tries to cope with going from being one of the world’s greatest supervillains to being a “has-been” suburban neighborhood Villain Next Door. Barely 24 hours out of prison, he has to come to terms with…The Ice Cream Man.

A twist on super hero comics! In this series, the story is about the Villain, his struggles and inner demons.

The Villain Next Door #1 TM and © Roy Duncan, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

As of October, 2012, I am processing the remainder of Roy Duncan’s Villain Next Door series, Issues 2-13, as well as other Duncan works: Joe Zombie, Saturday Morning Comics, Frankenstein Apocalypse, and SuperCreep: Monster ComicCon Fan, available for IndyPlanet and Wowio right now! SuperCreep will be available EXCLUSIVELY on Wowio by end of October 2012: 50+ pages of ComicCon goodness, celebrity photos, autographs and memorabilia, only 99¢!

Grin-n-Spirit 1

Book cover: Grin-n-Spirit 1 by James Dyar

James Dyar

24 pages (May 1 2012); 5.8MB download 99¢
Sword and Labrys Productions; ISBN: SWRD-GNS00001

The disappearance of ghosthunters globally has triggered a manhunt for one of the few ghosthunters who haven’t disappeared. Meanwhile in the sanatorium where he resides, a horrific psychological experiment has torn the fabric between the life and the afterlife…

I’m still processing the rest of the Grin-n-Spirit Series for IndyPlanet and Wowio; in addition, Jim Dyar has also been caught wreaking havoc as guest co-writer for two episodes of A Deviant Mind!

Eric Mengel’s Ocho: Kill The Blue Man

This one was a doozy! Eric’s 100-page, trade paperback masterpiece had to be scanned and processed, one page at a time. He was as anxious and excited for me to finish it as I was. Due to the extensive work involved, I charged considerably more for the time spent in scanning and processing. But it was an excellent job, available at his website, along with subsequent issues of his successful series.

FERA by David Shirley

This popular series from the UK was pleasurable work, and David is always fantastic to work with.

Written and Illustrated by David Shirley

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

The Feran capital of Arcanus is under attack! Our would be heroes are called to defend their home but what dastardly plot is the Mayor hiding? Action, friendship, betrayal and the first steps on a journey that will change the lives of three girls forever.

When an ancient world collides with a post apocalyptic Earth in the late 21st century, our would-be heroes must set out on an epic journey of love, loss and adventure across their world and beyond in order to save their home and uncover the truth.

Fera: Issue #1 When Worlds Collide TM and © David Shirley. All rights reserved.

The Rogues by Rachel Johnson

This wonderful piece by Rachel Johnson is now in multiple issues of its saga, and well worth the reading:

Written and Illustrated by Rachel Johnson

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 68

Now that introductions are over, RayJ and Night see two sides of the same coin – a cat and dog who offer kindness and help, but each with different motives… who is there to trust in this world?

It’s 2012. Global warming has mutated a disease into a lethal killer. Fires spread with rising temperatures. Two rogue canines have lost their pack to this disease and want to find a new home – er, what? What do they have to do with the apocalypse?

The Rogues Issue 1 TM and © Rachel Johnson. All rights reserved.

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You guys never realized I was that busy, did you? 😉

As you can see, I am privileged to work with some insanely, wonderfully talented people. This, in addition to my current work as an Alumni Judge for the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant and having the opportunity to overlook so much new emerging talent, gives me so much opportunity to give back. This is work that involves doing what I love.

Digital Print Setup Can Be Costly, According to Who You Set Up With. How Do I Hire You, And How Much Will It Cost Me?

I’ve made it really simple. The most common printing errors come from confusion over page specs. Want your comic proofed before it goes to print? For $5 I’ll look over your pages. If they need a complete overhaul to guarantee a perfect print run, $20. IF you want me to scan and process an entire book, that costs $1 dollar per page, due to scanning, resizing, color and brightness correction to make it all press-ready.

Overall, I offer a one-time service. Most clients understand the process once I’m finished with it, and they are able to fly on their own. There are a number of other clients of mine, however, who rely on me to do the job right, and get it perfect, every single time.

Now that you see what I can do, think about it and if you need me, retain my services! By the end of October, 2012 I will have $5 tutorials available for purchase on Wowio that will walk artists step by step thru the pre-press process, including setting up templates, folders, actions and streamlining the whole thing so all you have to do is set up your pages, click a button and fly. Please feel free to note in the Comments section whether your final work is in Photoshop or Illustrator, or some other format, and I will set up my tutorials accordingly.


I Need You To Proof My Pages – $5.00

I Need You To PrePress My Book – $20.00