Warlord, The #2
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Name Arena of Death
Volume Warlord
Issue Number 2
Cover Date March 1, 1976
In Store Date N/A
“Arena of Death”
Warlord (vol. 1) #2 (March-April 1976)

Written and Illustrated by Mike Grell

Synopsis: Morgan, still tied to the tree where slavers left him at the end of last issue, is about to be a snack for two sabretooths. He manages to break the branch he’s tied to, and falls to the ground. He’s able to impale one cat on the end of the branch, but is only saved from the attack of the other by an arrow. His rescuers are a group of men led by Drogar the Terrible. When Morgan tells them he’s bound for Shamballah, Drogar offers him passage on his ship. In Bal Shazar, Drogar’s treachery is revealed as he introduces his club to the back of Morgan’s skull.

When Morgan regains consciouness, he’s a galley slave, sharing an oar with Machiste. After a failed rebellion and a battle with pirates, Drogar figures the pair are worth more to him if he sales them to Shebal, the gladiator trainer. After a training montage, Morgan and Machiste are forced to fight each other in the arena for the amusement of visiting Prince Eris. Morgan glimpses his old wrist watch on Eris’ arm, he and Machiste stage a revolt. The captured Eris tells him he got the watch from a slave girl (Tara!) he sold to Deimos–now king of Thera. Morgan rallies the former gladiators to form the nucleus of an army to invade Thera.