A Deviant Mind #10

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Written and Illustrated by Pam Harrison

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

When Najimi’s cryofrozen body is snatched by green thugs, Tara is determined to persevere and rescue Najimi’s corpse, return it to the family to whom it belongs. This will not be easy, since someone in Najimi’s family was behind her disappearance five years ago. Divine intervention was never needed more than right now! Jim’s mad plot continues where it left off! News crews on the scene of the biggest psychic blast fallout in this planet’s history. A missing body! Bounty hunters still angry and in hot pursuit! Tara blamed for all of it! What happens this issue? The truth certainly will out, but in the case of photo snapping paparazzi, hysterical news media, and Najimi’s dysfunctional family, we will all learn that…TRUTH IS RELATIVE.