A Deviant Mind #12




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Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Still smarting from their run-in with Dhalak, the twins Tayge and Lucky sort thru the painful memories from their military past that the casino mogul has raked over. Tayge is still haunted by his own past and his failures and wants to find some way to come to terms, unlike his brother who wants to shut out the past and refuses to talk to either Tayge or Xiu-Li about how he feels. An opportunity for atonement presents itself amidst speculation and falsehood: A disaster moves Lucky and Tayge to use all the skill at their disposal to save lives. Throughout, those dark nightmare memories haunt them as they jump to the rescue. A bad situation is salvageable, and Lucky and Tayge finally come to terms with who they really are. This issue welcomes the artist’s son, Afghanistan vet and combat medic Alex Kirtley in his debut as comic co-writer!

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