A Deviant Mind #16




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Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Ex Patriate Confederation Senator Hin’ath Ormedu files for political asylum with the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal. Her political career ruined by Chess’ convoluted plots, she begins a year of residence in safe haven within the Imperium until she can rebuild her life. Senator Ormedu recognizes Tara, and the moment the two compare notes, an interesting alliance is formed.
Najimi gets very bad news from both the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal and Doctor Koushir. Lost, angry and frustrated, she begins to take it out on everyone, including Asuka, the new girl in Tayge’s custody. Asuka is overwhelmed with this brash young lady who is clearly interested in her. Little does Naji know, the new girl Asuka is not only a telepath, but she’s about to teach Naji a whole new way of approaching people!

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