A Deviant Mind #19




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Pam Harrison

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Najimi’s recovery has been going well, her schooling progresses, and she has regained her love for dance. Rehabilitating survivors of sex trafficking is difficult at best, as the healing by necessity is emotional as well as physical.

In addition to this, Princess Najimi is a transgender/intersex being, known as Sh’Vai within the empire. The confederation, intolerant of non-conformity, persecutes and destroys such people. Though now free, Naji deals with dark demons, pain, loss and ultimate family rejection. In this episode, Naji’s struggle takes a turn down a very dark path.

Some battles can’t be won with weapons, and Najimi loses her battle against the rejection, traumas and abuse of her past. Will Tara find her in time?

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