A Deviant Mind #26




Tara recovers from injuries she sustained during the High Court Tribunal hearing, but is haunted by strange dreams for the first time in months. When she thinks she has touched on a memory, the moment she awakens, it fades.

Back on Waniokai, farewells are made, and it’s time for our cast to go their separate ways and begin on new roads. Najimi prepares for OCS and plans with her sister Banara for the future.

A surprise gift for Tayge, Lucky and Xiu promises to make for an interesting time: Najimi arranged for VIP access passes for a weekend at Dhalak’s Casino.

Asuka knows that Tayge, Lucky and Xiu all have unfinished business with Dhalak to resolve. So they begin their trip with a ‘let’s see how it goes’ attitude, but the Altairian hustle will be one weekend they’ll remember for awhile!
Tara awakens in a regeneration tube with no recollection of who she is and where she comes from. The insidious truth behind Tara’s amnesia is, she has a secret that makes her worth hunting–and it’s far more terrible than anyone could have ever imagined. Does Tara ever find the secrets of her past? Follow the adventure here, and learn what haunting, dark secrets lie deep within…A DEVIANT MIND.