A Deviant Mind, Vol. 4 (graphic novel)




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Pam Harrison

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 132

What It’s All About

Back on Alpha Base, our heroes catch up on all they have learned, and the recovery of Tara’s long-lost sister Asuka only succeeds in raising more questions.
From Xiu’s father Moog, they learn that their families were connected as a group of freedom fighters in the RimWars Campaigns 30 years past. With some of their parents now dead or missing in action, “Uncle” Moog remains their only living connection to the past.
Najimi’s troubled past as a slave catches up to her when E’Jeni unwittingly triggers an old trauma…it looks like she may lose her battle against the addictions that once held her…unless Tara can find her in time.

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