A Deviant Mind, Vol. 5 (graphic novel)




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Pam Harrison

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 132

What It’s All About

With the aid of a handheld portal device, our reckless young heroine Najimi and her friend Tayge soon find themselves back on her homeworld of Waniokai, in a deadly standoff with her black sheep older half-sister Rak’entha!
Asuka has been recruited by the Urlu to aid them in defeating an old Confederation plot which resulted in the assassination of Queen Banaii, and Najimi’s disappearance. Najimi’s younger sister Princess Regent Banara schemes and manipulates events to their greatest advantage.
Three Royal sisters struggle for the throne of Waniokai–but only ONE can be…THE RIGHTFUL QUEEN.

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