DC’s Convergence, Matt Kindt’s New Series + New Superhero Series From Image


Happy New Year, Everyone!

You know how the DCU was “rebooted” a few years back? Many fans were concerned their favorite stories never happened, but DC promised that every story still matters. DC’s Convergence, a two-month event that will connect some of the DCU’s most popular stories together, is coming this spring! Go ahead and reserve your copy of the first issue now.

Continue reading to learn more about Matt Kindt’s new time-bending series published by Dark Horse Comics, see the hottest new variant comics and upcoming Marvel/DC chess pieces, and fiind out how you can streamline your comics purchases in 2015!

DC's Convergence ties into every DC story ever told--the two month event begins here
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This Week’s New Releases

This week’s list is a little short with being a “skip week” with our distributor, but that doesn’t mean that these products are any less exciting! From all of us at TFAW, have a safe and happy New Year!

Graphic Novels
Massive TPB Volume 4: Sahara $17.99
X Volume 4: Better Off Dead TPB $13.49
Star Wars Hero Series X-wing Fighter $61.19
Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha 18in Action Figure $107.99
Abigail And The Snowman #1 $3.59
All New Miracleman Annual #1 $4.49
All New Miracleman Annual #1 (Quesada Variant Cover Edition) $4.49
All New Miracleman Annual #1 (Smith Variant Cover Edition) $4.49
Earth 2 Worlds End #13 $2.69
East Of West #16 (Cover A) $3.15
East Of West #16 (Cover F) $3.15
New 52 Futures End #35 $2.69
S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 $4.49
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #1 (of 5) $3.59
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #1 (of 5) (Blank Subscription Variant) $3.59
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #1 (of 5) (Subscription Variant) $3.59
X-O Manowar #31 (Cover A – Interlocking Allen) $3.59
X-O Manowar #31 (Cover B – Interlocking Allen) $3.59

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