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“This sword, it is said, is older than my father’s great-grandfather. My brother claimed it was seized from the tomb of Menelaus the day our ancient fathers enslaved the Mycenaean peoples of Sparta in the name of Herakles. It is indeed a handsome sword, inlaid with bronze and gold, precious stones, but it has flaws. There are bloodstains upon it that will not go away. I have scrubbed this sword every night since it came into my hands, but the stains remain. My brother says they have always been there. It is our family’s own Curse of Atreus, a symbol of the doom we know will inevitably come, though we try to avert it.

“It belonged to my brother. The last man to wield it was my father. They both died in battle with it, cut down by their enemies before they could even begin to fight. Now…this sword has fallen to Mnasidika of Sparta, and I fear it. Whatever in the name of the gods am I supposed to do with it? I have put my own share of blood upon this blade. And the stains will not go away.”

The acclaimed Lesbian drama, the graphic novel historical fiction series both criticized in the beginning for its ground-breaking CGI illustration, amateur at first but evolving exponentially in skill along with its storytelling power to win praise in 27 countries in its heyday is now complete. Seven years after a longer than intended hiatus in 2012, the series creator Pam Harrison posted this Afterword both in the print series and as an announcement to fans on social media back in September:

“….A million heartfelt emotions are coursing through me as I write this final Afterword on the House of the Muses series. I never realized back in 1987 just what I was getting myself into, or how far this journey into the distant past would take me.

“Yes, the time really has come. I thought there’d be pangs of sadness at completing this series, but instead I feel joy and anticipation of the coming day. This series was a lifelong project, but also great therapy along the way. I feel intense satisfaction at the resilience this took. In its heyday this series owned a readership in more than 27 countries worldwide. But the story itself was hard–at times I lost heart, stopped writing, took hiatus…but that’s no way to write a story.

“But my story is finally over. Yes, I say–MY story–because in creating this story for all of you I have made it my own. I promised a great many people that I would finish what I’ve started, and with this writing, that which has been promised has at last been completed and fulfilled.

“I am finally at peace. And, I think, at long last–after a story 2,500 years in the telling–I feel that Dika is finally at peace too. Thank you for sharing this strange, magnificent journey with me.” –Pam Harrison, 29 September, 2019.

House of the Muses: The Latter Days of Sappho of Lesbos is available in its entirety, both in ten 52 page comic episodes ($6.50 each) and two 300-page Standard Size Trade Paperbacks (with additional bonus content found nowhere else!) priced for $44.99 at, with the long-awaited House of the Muses #10 and the Paperback Volume II on sale by mid-October, 2019.  On sale December 2019 in Paperback and Kindle on

A bold new version of the story of Sappho of Lesbos from the acclaimed creator of House of the Muses, A Deviant Mind, The Voices Against Bullying Anthology, contributor to Dark Mischief Horror Anthology, Prism Comics’ ALPHABET LGBTQAI Anthology and Chief Editor of ICC Magazine. Pam Harrison is one of the first and best known CGI artists in Independent Comics. Her work with the historical fiction series House of the Muses earned her the 2008 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant for Outstanding Series, and she continues her storytelling in a gripping sci-fi space opera adventure, A Deviant Mind, that far transcends its original LGBT audience. Keep up to date with all her latest news at

“…And this will I tell you: In some future time, someone, I say, will remember us.” — Sappho of Lesbos, 6th Century B.C.

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