A Deviant Mind #38


Published by: Sword and Labrys Productions

How Do You FIND Yourself–When You Don’t Know WHO You Really Are?

Pam Harrison

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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It’s GAME ON–! Chani and our heroes forge on into the void and attempt to put together details of the past: The Assassination of House Waniokai and The RimWars. The true instigator of this cabal against House Waniokai has never been discovered or resolved. Their warpjump takes them to the slave planet Rigelis, deep inside Confederation territory. The Riyaki refugee ship trapped in endless loop between Attalla V and the destination planet Nintoku IV which also no longer exists, pursues its relentless course. Nana, convinced by the last recorded incident aboard ship that her own daughter was author of this disaster, finds herself going completely mad. The technology in Queen Banaii’s old war room is deciphered, and Chess and Najimi match wits in an initial game. The stakes? the fate of the RimWorlds themselves.

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