A Deviant Mind, Vol. 3


Published by: Sword and Labrys Productions

How Do You FIND Yourself–When You Don’t Know WHO You Really Are?

Pam Harrison

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 132

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The battle to rescue Najimi continues, as Tara fights to locate the cryo tube holding the girl’s body before the point of no return. The Powers That Be who are fighting to prevent Najimi’s recovery are closing in fast, and it looks like Tara succeeds, only to be taken out at the last minute.

Tayge, Lucky and Xiu are pulled into the rescue effort, and they set out to discover where Tara has been taken. More clues and revelations are in store in this volume, as our crew–each and every one of them–are forced to come to grips with the traumas in their past so that they can pull together and move forward.

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