Voices Against Bullying Anthology

On March 18, 2012, President Obama delivered a message to kids on anti-bullying for the debut of SPEAK UP Against Bullying, a 30-minute film about bullied youth that aired on Cartoon Network. The documentary is part of the network’s “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign and included appearances by 8-to-13-year-old kids who’ve been bullied as well as athletes and role models like Venus Williams, Chris Webber, Lisa Leslie, Hope Solo and others.

 The torch is being taken up by others. I am Pamela Harrison, Editor and Art Director of an ongoing comicbook project titled the Voices Against Bullying (VAB) anthology. As the title suggests, I have collected a team of artists and writers and teamed them up to tell stories of bullying, and in some cases what it’s like to live in uncertainty and fear.

I have a select group of published and unpublished artists, each of them excited and eager to be in on this project, and with the close of the premiere first issue, they are spreading the word to other artists and writers. This series is directed at teens, and plans are to create a secondary series directed at grade school children

as well. It is my dream to make this the first viral comic book project. The series is published through Ka-Blam Digital Printing, and each contributor receives a percentage of profit for their work. The incentive for all of them to promote this series is high, and has potential to be a life-changing work for many young people from all walks of life.

Shortly I will be setting up the new pages for What is VAB? and How to Participate in VAB. Submissions for this anthology series will be ongoing. We want your best and brightest works. And we want you to promote it as hard as you can!


Previews from the Voices Against Bullying Anthology…amazing story and art by Neil Ellis Orts, J Riley McCool, Lee Neese, Kate Fazekas, and a dark tale by newcomer Austin Allen Hamblin. (4 photos)

I am currently setting up a FAQ Page for this project. If you have a question, drop by Sword and Labrys Productions’ Facebook page and post it there, let me know!