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PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!! The Covid-19 Pandemic has the world trying to shelter in place until the worst is over. Courtesy of Sword and Labrys Productions, let’s escape away for awhile to a different time and place. For a limited time only, relax and read House of the Muses and A Deviant Mind ABSOLUTELY FREE through April, 2020. On May 9th, 2020 the sites will revert to Patron Only and you can select DayTripper/Saturday Matinee, Monthly Subscriber, or other levels that give you cool perks. We hope you enjoy them all. And if you want these stories for your very own, they are on sale now at IndyPlanet and Links to buy my stories in Print, Digital or Amazon Kindle are at the end of this post. This FREE Digital Download offer is extended until May 9th, past Free Comic Book Day 2020. If you enjoy my stories–even if you don’t, I would REALLY LOVE IT if you could write some reviews!

Read A Deviant Mind the WEBCOMIC in its entirety at this link:

IF YOU PREFER DIGITAL, then go to the FREE Digital Download Promo at this link.

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House of the Muses Is Complete!

IF YOU PREFER DIGITAL, then go to the FREE Digital Download Promo by clicking the cover for each volume of House of the Muses. Notes: THIS PROMO EXPIRES MAY 9, 2020!! After that all links revert to sales links.
Welcome to the Membership options page! IT IS DONE!!!
On September 29, 2019, House of the Muses went through final pre-press to produce TWO 300 page volumes for print.
Extra Behind-The-Scenes features such as Prologue, Acknowledgements, About page and many of the myriad articles, interviews and features that were printed worldwide about this award-winning series, are included in the printed volumes, and for Patrons of this series, they are now also live here.
Also complete at last is the long awaited 10th chapter, which will ONLY be available here at Platinum Level access or in FULL-COLOR PRINT that you can purchase to hold in your hands and marvel upon! House of the Muses: The Latter Days of Sappho of Lesbos, Volumes I and II, as well as all 10 individual comic episodes, ARE ON SALE NOW in Trade paperback for $44.99, 52-page comic books $6.50 each or Digital and Amazon Kindle on and

Long-time fans of the series have awaited this day for years. New readers: As popular as this series was in its heyday, the amount of worldwide acclaim that it achieved, you will not want to miss one moment! Are you a Day Tripper? Just want to mosey in and check it out? Grab Bronze Member / DayTripper Two Day Access for only 50 cents. If you want a little more, the Silver Member / Wanderer Monthly Access subscription will get you the first four episodes for 99 cents. For the price of one or two comic books, you can gain full access to both paperback issues of House of the Muses Volumes I and II!

Non-Recurring means that once you pay, you’ve paid: With the Gold Member / Sojourner Volume I Access for $5.00, non-recurring, or Platinum Member / Odyssey Access to Volumes I and II (also non-recurring) and ALL pages, articles and features for $10, you have become a Lifetime Patron and you can come back to read and re-read the series, through eternity.
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