432160372v3_480x480_Front_Color-WhiteQPG-Queer-Press-Grant-StrokeWelcome to House of the Muses! This site, home to the original ground-breaking CGI graphic novel series, is now home to the bookstore collection of the works of Pam Harrison and Sword and Labrys Productions.
In addition to showcasing all the published work for sale, this site is also now a launching point for both the House of the Muses webcomic and the scifi series A Deviant Mind, as well as the gathering focal point for the anthology series Voices Against Bullying, which has given birth to some amazing stories and launched a number of previously unknown independent comic artists into the limelight at the forefront of some amazing careers to come. I know that many of these artists will be greats, and I am honored that I got my opportunity to showcase their work.

Work on the House of the Muses reboot is underway for 2015, but in the meantime purists of the old series can purchase the first print run CGI illustrated comics here. House of the Muses garnered enormous acclaim in its heyday, with awards, interviews and reviews from around the world. From LEO Weekly to Curve Magazine, readers had this to say about the series:curvemag

This (House of the Muses) is a series NOT to be missed! –CURVE Magazine, June, 2008

…or something like this:

Fans of history, lesbian romance, or Sappho herself are sure to enjoy it…it’s DEFINITELY worth the read. –Pink Kryptonite

Dika-Page3pan5The series that sci-fi/fantasy author Christie Golden once dubbed “A SERIOUS Sappho story” is scheduled to undergo its reboot in 2015. Right about the same time that the second 300 page graphic novel is published, will also see the release of the never before published 10th and final episode of the CGI graphic novel comic, House of the Muses: A Sharer in All Sorrows. Don’t miss it.

A tale from ancient history, compiled from the writings of a Greek poet and her friend. And the poet is Sappho, so it’s no surprise that passion is as omnipresent as the power politics of slave ownership and family intrigues…. –T.E. Lyons, LEO Weekly Magazine