Poser Format Lights – Set 1


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2013-10-02-Page_5Want more lighting for your renders? Tired of trying to tweak lights to make that scene just right? No worries! Here is the first in a series of specialized light sets created for innumerable scenes from my award-winning CGI illustrated series House of the Muses and A Deviant Mind!

When you’re telling a visual story, mood is everything–without decent lights, your scene in Poser or Daz Studio looks flat, dull and lifeless. Bring it to life with these sets and your only worry after that will be trying to find new ways to work these into your next scenes. From broad daylight to noir to twilight, this first set will have you busy for awhile. Please let me know how you like them, because I have an enormous library of unique lights to share. If you need something special, I probably have it.

These lights are formatted for Poser, compatible with Daz Studio 3.1. Special instructions: Open the zip file and drop the content folder into your Daz or Poser program. Open your 3D program and look for the !HarrisonStudios folder, open a scene and start playing.
Lights included in this set: Afternoon Lights, Daylight1, Desert Sun, Horror Lights, Twilight_with_Shadows. These lights are formatted for maximum brilliance and FAST rendering.

Tips: You can adjust the lights by creating a cylinder primitive, select all lights and drag to parent all the lights into the cylinder, then rotate the lights to fit your scene. You can focus these lights through the Viewport just like a camera, or select them in the Scene window and rotate to adjust them on the X, Y, Z coordinates in the Parameters tab. Happy rendering.
Five awesome lights, only $1.99! Rendering