Poser Format Lights – Set 2


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dark-CitySurreal and moody, the lights for Dark City were for a scene of A Deviant Mind 18 that was rewritten, so this scene was never used. The lights for Dark City can be used for a number of effects.

Page17pan1These next lights were designed for SciFi Bar by 3-D-C at

This light set took a few hours to put together because of the detail and placement involved. There are green pointlights for ambiance throughout, in addition to glowlights for the individual table setup of the circular bar scene. The lights are positioned so that all you have to do is import the scene, click to install the lights, and go.

The next two lights in this set are the Holy Grail for beginning light users: the elusive 3 Point and 7 Point Light Sets. There are manuals telling how to create these sets. If you’re a beginner with limited experience in creating and manipulating light, once you grab this set, you will be the envy of all your friends. These lights are extremely versatile. The speed varies on the render style you choose. You can use the lights as-is for a ridiculously fast render. Just select the Spotlight and choose your render method. Use Deep Shadow Map for slightly slower render but better detail, or use Raytrace for a beautiful final effect.


StreetlightsricabriThe final lightset took me several days to figure out how to export. Created to supplement the Poser scene New Graffiti Wall by Rick Bridenbaker, which actually features daytime lights, I was able to combine spotlights, pointlights and others to create a nighttime street scene with lit streetlamps that looks absolutely great. Download New Graffiti Wall and install it in your Runtime beforehand, then install this set and look in Content > Scenes for a premade scene with the correct placement of the walls and other props for this lightset. And make sure to visit Rick’s page at to grab some more great scenes and props.

Renderosity_bannerThese lights are formatted for Poser, compatible with Daz Studio 3.1. Special instructions: Open the zip file and drop the content folder into your Daz or Poser program. Open your 3D program and look for the !HarrisonStudios folder, open a scene and start playing.
Lights included in this set: 3PointLightSet, Bar Lights, DarkWorld Light, Streetlights, and Final7PointLightSet. These lights are formatted for maximum brilliance and FAST rendering.

Tips: You can adjust the lights by creating a cylinder primitive, select all lights and drag to parent all the lights into the cylinder, then rotate the lights to fit your scene. You can focus these lights through the Viewport just like a camera, or select them in the Scene window and rotate to adjust them on the X, Y, Z coordinates in the Parameters tab. Happy rendering.
Five powerhouse light sets, only $2.99!