ALPHABET Anthology – Prism Comics


Soizick-JAFFRE-smallALPHABET was born from a scrappy little non profit that promotes LGBTQAI comics. Every year Prism Comics gives out the Queer Press Grant, but we thought we could do so much more. The Prism Comics Queer Press Grant is an annual financial grant that helps queer comics creators self publish their graphic novels, web comics, and zines. The grant is awarded to one creator, but many talented queer cartoonists apply every year. ALPHABET showcases these artists in a big sexy hard back anthology, giving them a well deserved boost to their comics careers.

ALPHABET is edited by Prism Queer Grant Chair Jon Macy (Fearful Hunter) and Prism Treasurer and Stacked Deck Press Publisher Tara Avery. This is Stacked Deck Press’s debut publication.


A Ajuan Mance, Ahri Almeida, Ashley R Guillory, B Bex, C Carlo Quispe, Christianne Benedict, D Dave Davenport, David Quantic, Dax Tran-Caffee, Diego Gomez, Dorian Katz, Dylan Edwards, Dylan Good, E Ed Luce, Elizabeth Beier, Emeric Kennard, Eric Orner, F G GZ Biazus, H Hanna Oliver, Hanna-Pirita Lekonnen, Hazel Newlevant, Howard Cruse, I Ingrid Mouth, J Jeff Krell, Jennifer Camper, Jon Macy, Josh Trujillo, Justin Hall, K Kelsey Wroten, Knave Murdock, L M Maia Kobabe, Melanie Gillman, Mike Sullivan, N Nero O’Reilly, O P Paige Braddock, Pam Harrison, Q R Robert Kirby, Robert Triptow, Roberta Gregory, Rupert Kinnard, S Scott Adams, Soizick Jaffre, Sonya Saturday, Steve MacIsaac, T Tana Ford, Tara Avery, Ted Closson, Tod Brower, Tyler Cohen, U V Vi Cao, Victor Hodge, W X Y Z Zak Plum… and more!

“This is going to be a great anthology with established comics creators, as well as fresh and exciting new voices -many of which have not yet had a chance to be heard. There are so many artists that have submitted exceptional proposals over the years. We can’t give them all the grant, but with ALPHABET they can show off their amazing talents to the world. Doing this makes us really happy.”

Jon Macy

Queer Press Grant Chair, Prism Comics

“Stacked Deck Press was formed to publish ALPHABET, as well as future projects that promote the queer comics reading experience. Stacked Deck Press, is an all-inclusive publishing house that focuses on gender, sexual, regional, and ethnic diversity among creators, and diversity of style and genre in story content. ALPHABET will be our first book. We want to highlight the many varieties of the LGBTQ experience, ALPHABET is an attempt to bring cartoonists together that represent the broadest cross section of our community and culture.”

Tara Avery

Treasurer / Publisher, Prism Comics / Stacked Deck Press

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