Latest Episode of A Deviant Mind On Sale Soon!

It’s official! I just received the latest episode of A Deviant Mind in the mail today! I know the hard working folks at IndyPlanet and Ka-Blam Digital Printing are scrambling to get a lot of orders added online right now. It will be on sale soon.

In the meantime, I am going to autograph this copy and seal it up in a protective comic bag as a reward for some faithful reader. Who will it be? Remember that SHARING my webcomic pages at A Deviant Mind via the sharing buttons, Twitter, Facebook and other social media gets more page views and involvement, and I’m watching.

I have a stack here of other autographed books that my diehard fans might win, too. PLUS I am going thru some of my Vintage comics to put up for sale soon. If you like the idea, comment and share this page, too.

I’m just wrapping up a lot of new business that got put aside after the Hellish #YearoftheReaper and have no choice but to actually set up a publications schedule for myself. As of right now I am trying to finish A Deviant Mind #35 and get moving on #36. A busy year ahead. I promise to get caught up soon! In the meantime, if you have not collected ALL the episodes of A Deviant Mind, you can collect them all here!