House of the Muses #10 Series Finale Coming Soon!

Some stories just won’t let you rest until you finish them. Join us this summer for the final episode of the worldwide-acclaimed graphic novel series House of the Muses!

Put on a “temporary” hiatus in 2012 to focus work on the science fiction series A Deviant Mind, that short hiatus after months of fandom and glowing reviews has turned into six long years and a long stream of “What-Ifs”.

Winner of the 2008 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant for outstanding writing and storytelling

“The appeal of CGI comics eludes me, I admit. While I can see that Pam’s skill has improved dramatically over the course of House of the Muses as she has learned to work within the limitations of the software, I’m not sure I’ll ever be a fan of the art. But the story is a different, well, story. I got completely lost in the current issue as I previewed it this week. Dika’s tale is steamy and compelling — and the setting in Ancient Greece sets it apart from most lesbian fiction. Whatever Sappho’s original poetry was about, I have a feeling she would’ve loved House of the Muses.”

For anyone who has not read this series yet, plans are underway to restore the series and put it back on sale. For years people squinted and nitpicked over the CGI format of this series, and I spent the last 6 years wondering if I should go back and do it all over again in pencil and ink, redo the first episodes since my skill level has improved dramatically in comparison to how it looked in 2007, and finally, no. The series drew crowds just the way it was in the beginning, and it will have to stand. The biggest treat for long time readers is that the final episode, A Sharer In All Sorrows will be resumed (I left off at page 23 and these books are 52 pages long), in my current level of artistry. There are some scenes in the final episode that may leave readers in tears, others smiling with joy, and critics complaining for a couple more months, but it will be a finale that you will not soon forget.

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