A Deviant Mind #03


Published by: Sword and Labrys Productions

How Do You FIND Yourself–When You Don’t Know WHO You Really Are?

Pam Harrison

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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The series resumes on the Alpha Centauri outpost as our charitable cast of characters rallies around the startling revelation that Tara has stolen Dr. Rausch’s uniform and I.D. and escaped! Repercussions abound: Adrian gets a severe dressing-down from Major Shola who knows in her heart that the young doctor disobeyed orders regarding our lost telepath and “got involved”. Doctor Koushir is also alarmed by Tara’s escape, for despite her quest for the truth, without knowing who she is and what she’s getting into, she might not long survive. Even as a merchant ship makes its way unwillingly to Attalla 5 to find some answers, the medical team of Alpha Centauri outpost resolves to make every effort to locate Tara. But wait–! What happened to A.G.N.E.S.?

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